Tuesday, 25 October 2016

This Week I...

...went to New York with work! We took a group of 39 art students to see the famous galleries and tourists attractions. Even though I've been to New York twice before there were still things on the itinerary that I hadn't done before. These included:

Going to the viewing platform of the Rockefeller Centre. This was actually our third attempt to go up as the first two were rescheduled due to poor visibility.

We went to the Guggenheim. The other art galleries we visited were the Met, the MOMA and the Whitney, all of which I'd visited before, but this was my first time at the Guggenheim. The building is amazing and unlike any other art space I've been to.

On one day we got up super early and headed down town to catch the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. It was cool to be so close to the Statue of Liberty and we gave the students a competition to see who could produce the best drawing of it, and Ellis Island was very interesting. It's cafe wasn't bad either.

Having got back today I'm thankful that I have the rest of the week off, as it's half term, to recovered from a very busy few days.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Seattle and Portland Travel Journal

When I went on holiday this summer to Seattle and Portland I took a travel journal with me like I did for my trip to Nashville and New York. Again, it was made from parts of old Paperchase planners. 

I stuck in things we'd collected during the day, like bus tickets and shop receipts, and then wrote about the day around them. I made sure to write about each day on the day, or the next morning at the latest, so I didn't forget anything.  

I found ways to include other things we picked up, like this leaflet for Huber's restaurant; Portland's oldest restaurant. That was a dining experience I don't want to forget! I threaded cotton through two holes I made in the leaflet and tied it around the center spiral.

Once we got home I ordered some prints online of our holiday snaps that I could cut up, punch holes in and add to the book. I love being able to illustrate the stories we'd written about with pictures.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Emoji Keyring

Remember the heart eyes emoji keyring I made? Well I always planned to make more and I finally got round to doing it.

I made them the same way as my first one, only this time I sewed around the felt features, not just glued them on.

This is one of my most used emojis. What's yours?

I now need to get more yellow felt so I can make more. Or I could start using my brown felt cos I love those monkeys...and the poop emoji.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Tool Belt Apron

At this time of year my job at work is to make sure the display boards around the school have fresh backing paper and borders. It's kind of a big job for a small person but I made something to make it a little easier.

A tool belt apron!
Being able to carry around the tools I need strapped around my middle frees up my hands to carry rolls of paper and a stool.

I whipped this up in one evening using strong black fabric. I luckily found I had some black strap material which saved me making my own from the black fabric.

I sewed three pockets; one big enough for the staple gun, one for the scissors, and then the other one for things like a tape measure, staple remover and spare staples. There's nothing worse than standing on a stool holding up backing paper only to find I've run out of staples and having to put everything down to go and get some more.

This might be my favourite thing I've made just for how useful it's proving to be!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

This Week I...

...went to my friend Lizzi's Hen Do in Edinburgh!
It was a pretty packed weekend with lots of fun activities.

First up was a cocktail making masterclass at Revolution. The class is made for hen parties and was really fun. Our barman James even made sure to include non-drinker me and Lizzi's pregnant sister. Non-alcoholic strawberry woo-woo = yum! 

On Sunday, after a night of karaoke, we had a much needed spa day. I had my first proper massage which I found to be part relaxing, part torture. 

After the spa we headed to a hotel for afternoon tea. The food was amazing and there was so much of it! This photo only shows half of what we had. Little smoked salmon bagels, warm scones, sticky toffee cake. And it wasn't miniature portions like regular afternoon teas.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fabric Christmas Birds

Ever since I picked up some great Christmas fabric from the Scrap Store I've had the idea to make some little birds using it.

I looked through a lot of patterns online but nothing was quite what I had in mind to make a robin so I adapted this pattern from Hobbycraft. I added a different beak and used white felt at the bottom, as well as the Christmas fabric. The bit around the beak was a bit fiddly to sew so I tried a different version.

This time I pretty much stuck to the original pattern, sewing the beak as part of the main structure. It was definitely simpler to sew but I think I'll have to call it a Christmas bird, rather than a robin as it's missing some of the features.

 I then tried a version where the patterned part is wider so there's more colour on the bird, but I think it looks a little too dumpy.

What to you think of the three variations? Are there any other ways I could adapt them? I haven't added wings so maybe that's something I could do.

Monday, 19 September 2016

This Week I...

...had a weekend in London to celebrate the fact that Lizzi is getting married in less than 90 days!!
We stayed at the Grange Strathmore hotel, in a room for all four of us, and immediately put on the bath robes upon arrival #luxury.

In the evening we surprised Lizzi by taking her to see Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Pixie Lott.

The next day, after a glorious breakfast buffet, we decided to do a spot of shopping, heading first for Harrods. Their Christmas World is a magical place and I want to live in it.

How was your week?