Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Birthday Beer Box

My boyfriend's Dad's birthday was this past weeked and as part of his present we'd bought him a few bottles of beer. Andrew asked me if I could do something with the bottles to make them look a bit more 'gifty'.

All I needed was a cereal box to make this birthday beer box. Ok...and some extra card and paper. But mostly a cereal box.

First I cut the cereal box to the height I wanted. The cereal box happened to be just the right width to fit the bottles in. I measured the length of the three bottles and cut the box accordingly, using the excess to make a new side on the open end.

As the bottles were quite heavy I used some corrugated card to reinforce the cereal box. I cut four pieces of card and stuck them to the inside of the box.

 To decorate the box I cut some brown packaging paper to fit around it.

Before I stuck the paper to the box I wrote the message. To make it look fancy I just googled 'birthday calligraphy' and traced it straight from the screen. I used a black felt tip to go over the outline and then fill it in.

I think it's a great way to make gifting bottles a bit more special. Perfect for a Dad. But if it was my Dad the box would be filled with ginger beer!

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Making My Handwriting In To A Font

I found out about making my own font from Natalie at Work Over Easy. You should check out her post, the font she made is great.

To make your own font from your handwriting just go to My Script Font and follow the instructions.

There's a template to print out which includes the alphabet, numbers and some extra characters. I filled mine in with a pencil first, and then went over it in pen. For my first attempt I tried to do the best version of my natural handwriting, but I'm not sure if it turned out like that.

The template sheet then needs to be scanned and uploaded to the website. Then you download the font file and load it to your computer by dropping it in the fonts folder in the control panel.

 It's so cool to see your handwriting being typed out on the screen!

For my third version I wanted to have a bit of fun with it and see what crazy letters I could come up with.

It's such an easy and relatively quick process I think everyone should have a go at making their own font.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Patchwork Blanket

Get comfy guys, this is going to be a long one...
I spent the second week of my Easter holiday making a patchwork blanket! I'm pretty surprised that it all worked and hasn't fallen apart as this is a pretty big project and I didn't do too much research beforehand.

The first step is, of course, to cut out all the squares. I decided on 7cm squares and cut a few pieces of paper to that size to use as templates. I wanted there to be a colour theme and used a great piece of fabric featuring parrots as a starting point. It's the bottom left one there and has green, blue, turquoise and purple in it, so I found other fabrics in my stash that matched those colours.

Once I'd started cutting out squares I decided to draw out a plan so I'd know exactly how many of each colour I'd need. I needed the plan as I wanted the squares to make a pattern. I don't have it in me to just do it randomly, everything has to be symmetrical, though this did mean extra work for me.

I laid out the squares in the pattern and then grouped them into strips.

I sewed the squares into strips and ironed down the seams. Then I sewed the strips together and my blanket started taking shape. There are a few parts where the squares don't quite align but they're not obvious unless you look closely so I'm happy.

Once the patchwork was complete I had to work on the back. I bought a roll of wadding which I laid on the back of the patchwork and cut to size.

I'd bought a cheap fleece in duck egg blue to go on the back, on top of the wadding. As you can see the project got a bit trickier as the blanket got bigger as it only just fit in the space between our sofa and our tv.

I joined the three layers together by sewing edge pieces all the way round. Luckily I had enough purple fabric to make the edges. Things got a little bit wonky here but for a first attempt I think I did pretty well.

Because of the wadding and the fleece this blanket is super warm and cosy, and I love the colours.

I've still got some wadding left so maybe I'll make another patchwork blanket. I'll have to wait for the next school holidays as it is pretty time consuming. Maybe I'll even attempt English paper piecing for the next one!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Etsy Update

It's been a while since I've had anything in my Etsy shop but I'm slowly filling it up again.

I've added a few things you might recognise, like the felt dogs, emoji keyrings and wood burned necklaces, and I'll be adding more new things soon.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Deadpool Birthday Card

I wasn't going to post about this but it made me laugh so much I had to share. It was my boyfriend's birthday at the weekend and I made him this card...

Deadpool with a birthday banner!
I'd seen the idea of the banner in a card before but having Deadpool holding it was a stroke of genius. Also, I thought Thor would've been too hard to make out of paper...

The birthday banner is just folded pieces of paper glued around a piece of sewing thread, one for each word. Once I'd stuck the paper Deadpool in the middle of the card I poked a hole by each of his hands and put the thread through. I made sure the 'birthday' was hanging lower than the 'happy' and then used sticky tape on the outside of the card to keep the thread in place.

I kept the outside of the card pretty simple, since the inside is the best bit. I just needed something that would cover up the sticky tape, so I cut out some balloons from coloured paper and added more thread for the strings. I tied these together and added a name tag.

 On the back I used one balloon to cover the sticky tape, and let him know who the card was from.

The birthday boy was very happy with his card!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Emoji Keyrings

 I've shared emoji keyrings with you before, but this lot is different....

 ...because this lot has the poop emoji!

Putting together these keyrings is pretty simple. First I sew on the features, which is the most difficult part as things like eyebrows can be quite fiddly. I attached a ring of wire shaped to fit in the yellow felt circles to the keyring chain. I do this because I'm paranoid that the stitching attaching the keyring chain to the felt will come undone and the chain will fall off, but with the wire the chain would stay attached. The last part is sewing the two yellow felt circles together with a little bit of polyester stuffing inside.

 I had a good production line going on when I made these, and I've kept the little paper patterns I made for the all the features so I can churn out even more. Which emoji do you think should be next?

Friday, 7 April 2017

A Chocolate Day in York

At the start of the week my boyfriend and I went to York for a couple of days to start off our school holiday. Andrew has quite a big sweet tooth so as an early birthday present I booked us on to a tour at York's Chocolate story, and a chocolate workshop at York's Cocoa House.

First up was the Chocolate Story tour. It was very informative and each section came with a taster which was a bonus, though next time I'll give the cold chocolate water (similar to what the Aztecs drank) a miss. The tour ended with a chance to make our own chocolate lollies which were cooled and bagged up ready for us after a demonstration by their chocolatier on how to make filled chocolates.

In the afternoon we headed to the Cocoa House for our 'design and make your own chocolate bar' workshop. We were given different kinds of a chocolate buttons to try to decide which chocolate we wanted to use for our bar. 95% cocoa chocolate? No thank you. We went for the 55% dark chocolate instead.

Our bar was made of 300g of chocolate buttons which we melted using a hair dryer. There was a choice of flavourings to add to the melted chocolate and we chose mint. We poured the melted chocolate into plastic take-away containerss and added Smarties and sprinkles for decoration.
When we came back the next day to pick up our chocolate bar they'd wrapped it up nicely in cellophane tied with ribbons!

It was a really fun day but after such a chocolate filled time we were ready for a very savoury dinner with lots of vegetables!
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