Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fabric Christmas Birds

Ever since I picked up some great Christmas fabric from the Scrap Store I've had the idea to make some little birds using it.

I looked through a lot of patterns online but nothing was quite what I had in mind to make a robin so I adapted this pattern from Hobbycraft. I added a different beak and used white felt at the bottom, as well as the Christmas fabric. The bit around the beak was a bit fiddly to sew so I tried a different version.

This time I pretty much stuck to the original pattern, sewing the beak as part of the main structure. It was definitely simpler to sew but I think I'll have to call it a Christmas bird, rather than a robin as it's missing some of the features.

 I then tried a version where the patterned part is wider so there's more colour on the bird, but I think it looks a little too dumpy.

What to you think of the three variations? Are there any other ways I could adapt them? I haven't added wings so maybe that's something I could do.

Monday, 19 September 2016

This Week I...

...had a weekend in London to celebrate the fact that Lizzi is getting married in less than 90 days!!
We stayed at the Grange Strathmore hotel, in a room for all four of us, and immediately put on the bath robes upon arrival #luxury.

In the evening we surprised Lizzi by taking her to see Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Pixie Lott.

The next day, after a glorious breakfast buffet, we decided to do a spot of shopping, heading first for Harrods. Their Christmas World is a magical place and I want to live in it.

How was your week?

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Crochet Pikachu

Last year the best sellers on mine and my Mum's craft stalls were crochet minions. We made and sold a lot.
With craft season quickly approaching we thought about what's popular this year. The obvious answer was Pokemon so my Mum found a Pikachu crochet pattern to try out.

Like the minions, my Mum crochets the whole thing and my contribution is to add the face.

We also had the idea to sell Pokeballs which my Mum makes by crocheting around a tennis ball. They're quite fun for throwing at your sister and yelling 'I choose you!'.

Monday, 5 September 2016

This Summer I...

After a week in Seattle my boyfriend and I caught the Amtrak down to Portland. The four hour journey didn't seem too long and it was considerably cheaper than flying, plus we had some great views out of the window.

One of our favourite things we did during our stay was go on the Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge Tour. The 5-stop tour lasted half a day and included three waterfalls and the Bonneville Dam and fishery. It was great to get out of the city and see some of the North-West's great scenery.

We also visited the Oregon Zoo in Washington Park. We found out beforehand that if you go on a Tuesday entry is only $4, so we did just that.

We used Washington Park's free shuttle bus to also vist the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden.

We couldn't go to Portland without trying a Voodoo Donut. So good! And not as sweet as I was expecting considering America's love of super sweet frosting.

Another cool thing we found out about before we went was every second Thursday of the month Ground Kontrol Arcade holds a special evening where you pay $5 to get in and then all the games are free play. It was awesome. We played Pacman, Tetris, Street Fighter, pinball, some weird paper boy game where the controller is bike handle bars. $5 well spent!

Have you ever been to Portland or Seattle? Is there anything else we should have done? 

Friday, 2 September 2016

This Summer I...

I've been rather quiet online over the summer because I've been really busy offline. But now summer is over and I'm ready to tell you all about it.

At the start of August I went to Seattle! My boyfriend's best friend was getting married there so we flew over for the wedding, and did lots of touristy things at the same time.

The wedding was lovely; the venue was really pretty, it was catered by Chipotle, and it gave me a chance to show off all my best dance moves.

We used Air BnB and stayed in an apartment which was about a 10 minutes walk from Green Lake, which was near the wedding venue.

We saw fish being thrown at Pike Place, went on the monorail, went to the Science Center, had a barbeque in the woods near the lake, saw the first Starbucks, watched a Say Yes to the Dress Marathon on the morning of the wedding...
And we went to see a baseball game which, between you and me, was pretty boring. But at least there were chicken fingers!

Stay tuned to find out where I went next!

Friday, 29 July 2016

New Painting: Trying Acrylics

I primarily use oil paints for my paintings but inspired by the students at school, who primarily use acrylics, I decided to give them a try.
It turns out they weren't as tricky to use as I'd always thought. With oil paints you can take your time and work back into parts as the paint takes days to dry, but with acrylics you have to work quicker due to the fast drying time. But a bonus of acrylics is that you can cover up something completely with a new layer of paint as the layers don't blend.

Usually I paint from my photos but this painting comes from one of my videos. This clip of my boyfriend was taken during a weekend in Brighton back in April. We stayed at the Artist Residence hotel and that place is super cool. The painting shows part of their restaurant.

I tried not to be so detailed when painting with acrylics and not blend so much like I do when using oil paint, but I kinda can't help it.

The painting is about A3 and done on canvas paper. I'm really pleased, and a little surprised with how it turned out.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

This Week I...

...celebrated my birthday!
I had the day off on Friday so my parents took me to Hunstanton beach. The sea was surprisingly not cold so we had a paddle.

We did classic British beach things like 2p machines and crazy golf.

On my actual birthday I made cakes and watched a lot of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with my boyfriend because that's what 26 year olds do.

How was your week?